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Astrological Consultation

We use a mix of Traditional Western, Indian Astrology and Numerology in our natal reading,  Using multiple systems independently allows us a broader view of your natal chart's inherent qualities.   We will supply you with a copy of your chart in both systems and an audio recording of the session.


What is your soul's purpose?  What key traits help to form your personality?  What are your strengths and weaknesses when it comes to handling life's journey?  All of these questions and more are answered in your natal birth chart. The patterns formed in sky at the time of your birth reveal much about your true inherent qualities and characteristics.   A natal chart reading can be a rewarding experience and a chance to get in touch with your true nature. 

Natal Chart Reading - $225

This is our basic service and sets the baseline for all future consultations.  The reading is one hour and will cover information in your natal chart delineating your soul purpose, inherent strengths and weaknesses and areas of specific request.  We will look at upcoming events that may occur in your life over the next one year.

Transit/Dasha Reading - $175

This service will focus on upcoming events based on planetary transits and Indian Dasha systems.  The reading is one hour and covers the next two years from date of reading.   Our Natal Chart Reading is required before we can do a Transit/Dasha Reading.   

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