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Vastu Consultation

Your environment can have a direct bearing your your physical and emotional health.  Many ancient temples and homes were built according to the principles of Vastu to ensure that the flow of energy provides maximum benefit.  Our Vastu service will analyze your home's layout and recommend changes that can improve the flow of Prana in your living environment according to Indian Vastu philosophy.

Vastu Consultation  $150

We start with an introductory phone call (15 min) to get your address and the birth data of the home owner or property.  We also ask that you supply a floor plan of your home including all floors and, in some cases, photos of the rooms .   We will also note any particular issues you feel need to be addressed.

Once the data is analyzed, we will schedule a one hour consultation to discuss the energy flows in your home, room and furniture placement, and remedial measures that can be taken to improve the flow of Prana.   These measures may include repurpose of rooms, moving furniture or the placement of Yantras in specific areas in the home or yard.   Yantras are small plaques of copper or silver with geometric diagrams etched upon them.   Based upon our evaluation we will determine which Yantras would be most appropriate.  

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