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Ancient Science Applied to Modern Living



Understand Your Soul's Journey

Your astrological birthchart is the soul’s toolkit for living.   It can reveal your personal and professional motivations, uncover talents and future life experiences you may have.  As a tool for understanding, it allows you to maximize strengths and mitigate weaknesses on the road to self improvement.   Our goal is to provide the insights you need to a live a full, vibrant life.  


Maintain Perfect Health

Everyone has a specific balance of physical, mental and emotional characteristics that determine their constitution at birth.  Over time, the stresses of life, incorrect diet and lifestyle choices will create imbalances.  Ayurveda helps to correct those imbalances by restoring the body’s inner intelligence for health through appropriate diet and  lifestyle.

Note:  We are not offering Ayurvedic consultations currently.


Create a Harmonious Environment

Your home is more than just a place to live.  It's an extension of your inner and outer being.  Our consultants will use this ancient 'science of architecture' to analyze your living spaces and recommend changes that improve energy flow,  promote good  health and create a balanced living environment.   


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